Ladies Only Classes


Not only do we specialize in in-hone instruction, we teach Ladies Only classes in a relaxed atmosphere so that you can get your Utah Concealed Firearms Permit instruction without intimidation, and with your friends!

The class fee includes the following:

  • Fingerprints on FBI fingerprint card
  • One passport-sized photo
  • A photocopy of your drivers license
  • Utah Concealed Weapon Permit Application
  • All instruction required by the state of Utah
  • Binder including the state mandated Minimum Training Cirriculum for personal study – this includes the material we cover and the laws you’ll need to become familiar with

Durring this 4 hour class, you will learn:

  • Basic firearm types, functions, and operation
  • Firearms safety on the street and in the home
  • Ammunition types and uses for self defense
  • Aiming, stance, and practical firearms use
  • Legal instruction related to gun carry and use in Utah
  • Justifiable force in Utah
  • Criminal and Civil liability