Free FFL Transfers


Crockett Defense offers free FFL Transfers in Utah to our students. Find a great deal on a firearm online? Have the seller ship it to us, and we’ll do the transfer for free!

Each Crockett Defense student gets one free FFL transfer (up to 5 firearms), and transfers are only $15 after that. Haven’t take a class from us? No problem, your transfer is just $20—cheaper than most other shops in town.

What is an FFL Transfer?
FFL stands for Federal Firearms License. The license is granted by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. A licensee (one who holds and FFL) is licensed to sell and transfer firearms to private parties.

Although private parties can sell their personal firearms to other private parties with certain restrictions, when a gun is sold by a gun dealer whether online, through a catalog, at a gun show or in a store, the dealer is required to be licensed with the ATF.

When purchasing from a dealer, you will be required to fill out form 4473, and the dealer will run a background check. If you’re buying a gun over the Internet, the dealer is not allowed to mail your firearm directly to you. He will instead send the firearm to an FFL who will process the paperwork for you, and you will pick up your firearm from him. The process is quick and simple, and if you’re a Crockett Defense student, free!

All of our students get one free FFL transfer.

For a copy of our FFL license, please email
For an ATF-EZ Check, use the following info from our license:
First three numbers: 987
Last five numbers: 02509

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.