Nothing is Taboo…Except Gun Safety

These days, anti-gun advocates will do just about anything to push guns out of the American experience and into a dark closet (where eventually they’ll probably be found by children who’ve never learned about guns and who’s curiosity may just get the best of them). Quick example: left-leaning politicos and anti-gun groups who shot down federal funding of Project Child Safe.

While school rifle clubs—and even in-school shooting ranges—used to be the norm in schools (and mass shootings in schools were nearly non-existent), today, the only training kids get about guns is from TV, movies and video games—some of the absolute worst places they could possibly learn about the important subject of guns, gun safety, and their role in American culture.

Thankfully, Utah is leading the way in turning the hypocrisy on it’s ear. A bill sponsored by Utah State Senator Todd Weiler will grant $75,000 toward creating a pilot program that would give Utah parents the opportunity to enroll their children in gun safety courses through their child’s school.

These courses would teach students in grades 5-12 what to do if they find a firearm (namely: Stop- don’t touch it, leave the area, and tell an adult). It will also train students how to respond in other scenarios involving gun violence from an active shooter.

If you’ve never watched Colion Noir’s videos, or the NOIR show on NRA News, you should. You’ll be impressed at the way he lays out the arguments without judgement, and in a way that might give you ideas about how you might approach those opposed to individual gun ownership in your circle. Hint: Take them shooting.

Watch the video below to get a taste: