X Products Can Canon

$350.00 $320.00

If you haven't experience the joys of a can cannon. You're missing out!

The Can Cannon is a patent pending launching device for soda cans and other heavy, thin walled objects. A proprietary gas ported barrel and pressure tube reduce the exposure to high pressure gasses which could destroy relatively delicate projectiles. The Can Cannon is currently configured for launching full, un-opened 12oz soda cans. When used with standard mil spec blanks and fired at an optimum angle it can reach an average distance of 105 yards! Why launch soda cans instead of drinking them? Because you can! Projectile options are only limited by your creativity and local laws. This is the BATFE approved design and is not considered a Destructive Device or firearm—no need for registration.

Each unit is sold as an assembled upper with receiver, headspaced and mounted ported barrel, and pressure tube. The system is compatible with any AR-15 mil standard bolt and most piston bolts. The Can Canon is covered by X Products' no-hassle lifetime warranty.