Sig Kilo 2000 Rangefinder

$399.00 $349.00

A dedicated processing engine provides a fast refresh rate for the laser, enabling four measurements per second so you’ll have the most accurate range possible for moving targets or to confirm the range to a stationary subject. Complementing the rangefinder is an integrated inclinometer that measures the relative upward or downward angle to the target. When the angle and range or combined, Sig’s AMR ranging system adjusts the displayed range so you can compensate correctly for uphill or downhill shots and greatly improve your accuracy.

A simple two-button interface provides critical ease-of-use and a proprietary Lumatic OLED display clearly shows the ranging information in your line-of-sight in an uncluttered layout. An ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the display brightness so you’ll always be able to clearly see the information without overloading your vision. Designed for durability, the housing is made of a lightweight and durable magnesium alloy that is wrapped in slip-resistant protective rubber armor. Weighing in at just 7.5 ounces, including the CR2 battery, the KILO2000 will be a valuable addition to your kit.

Optical Performance

  • 7x magnification
  • 25mm objective lens
  • Compact roof prism
  • SpectraCoat lens coatings:
  • Broadband, anti-reflection coatings
  • Reduce surface reflections across the entire visible spectrum
  • Improves overall light transmission for brighter images
  • 34.6′ field of view at 100 yards
  • Long 15mm eye relief
  • Comfortable 3.6mm exit pupil

Laser Rangefinder

  • 905nm Class 3R eye-safe IR laser
  • Ranges in Yards or Meters at 0.1 y/m increments
  • Spot and continuous scan mode
  • Line-of-sight measurement, or Angle Modified Range using AMR system

AMR ranging system:

  • Built-in inclinometer measures relative angle
  • Adjusts displayed range based on distance and angle
  • Use adjusted angle for improved shot accuracy

Lightwave DSP:

  • Digital Signal Processing engine
  • Provides fast refresh rate to enable four measurements per second in scan mode even at distances of over a mile
  • Specialized signal processing algorithms reduce false-positive while ranging to distant or weak targets

Maximum range distance:

  • Deer: 1200 yards
  • Tree: 1500 yards
  • Reflective target: 3400 yards

Ranging accuracy:

  • Out to 500 yards: ±0.5 yard
  • 500-1000 yards: ±1 yard
  • 1000+ yards: ±2 yards
  • Runs on one included CR2 battery

Use and Handling

  • Simple two-button interface
  • Range: Press for spot range, hold for continuous scan
  • Mode: Change/set/adjust modes and display
  • Proprietary Lumatic OLED display:
  • Red display is easy to see in all light conditions
  • Ambient light sensor with automatic brightness adjustment
  • Displays range, reticle, battery status, unit of measure, and measurement mode
  • Fast focus collar
  • Twist-up rubber eyecup for comfortable use with or without eyewear

Construction Details

  • Lightweight, durable, and corrosion-resistant magnesium-alloy chassis
  • StealthID rubber armoring
  • Slip-resistant to improve grip
  • Protects against drops and impacts
  • Reduces light reflection off housing
  • IPX4-rated, weather-resistant
  • Lightweight: 7.5 ounces with battery

Extreme accuracy is what we were after when we engineered the KILO2000. 
 Updating at 4X per second in HyperScan mode, the KILO2000 rangefinder with patented LightWave™ DSP technology is amazingly fast as well. Couple that with the ability to range reflective targets up to 3400 yards, trees up to 1500 yards, and deer up to 1200 yards for simple, intuitive long distance ranging. The built in inclinometer calculates AMR™ Angle Modified Range for angled shots. Our proprietary Lumatic OLED Display™, automatically adjusts display intensity to match ambient light conditions, bright in bright conditions and dim in twilight to protect your eye. The KILO2000’s simplified user interface displays your system status and while ranging, only provides your necessary data.