Cit-Tac Solo Pac


Cittac Solo-Pac contains 1 Solo-Stand with carry bag, 1 12″x24″ Silho, 1 Flat-Cap & Stem, and all the mounting hardware.

All you have to supply is a length of wooden 2×4 post for your AR500 Steel Silho or two 1×2 wooden furring strips for you cardboard or paper targets. With the Solo-Stand you have the option of combining a Steel target with a paper or cardboard target. With Cittac’s patent-pending design there is nothing to bolt together in the field.

To assemble simple connect the stand pieces together and insert a wooden 2×4 board, then add the Flat-Cap and Stem and hang the AR500 Steel Target. Due to Cittac’s unique design the AR500 target face is held at a constant downward angle making it much safer to shoot. All CITTAC products are shipped painted flat black.

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