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AMTAC SNIPER Suppressor 5.56

$900.00 $810.00


An over-barrel suppressor for heavy-barrel bolt guns and semi-auto rifles, the SNIPER Series features a single-piece baffle which threads directly to your barrel for exacting concentricity that results in tack-driving accuracy. Adding only 3.7” to your rifle’s overall length, this suppressor is easy to use in tight spaces and when shooting offhand.

The SNIPER is also offered in 7.62

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  • Length: 9.7″
  • Over-barrel Length: 6″
  • Diameter: 1.62″
  • Weight: 22.2oz
  • Thread: 1/2 x 28
  • Max Barrel Diameter: .95″
  • Suppression: 15-20dB
  • Over-barrel Design
  • Up to 30 Decibel Noise Reduction
  • Extremely Tight Concentricity
  • One-Piece Machined Baffle
  • Minimal POI Shift
  • Specifically for heavy-barrel rifles

Available in 3 Colors:

  • Black
  • FDE
  • Grey

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